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Top Microblading Myths

As a seasoned permanent makeup artists often I get asked about the negative side effects of microblading. What I always tell my clients is this: While true, there can be negative side effects to microblading, like any other cosmetic treatment or procedure, it depends on who is performing the procedure on you. Meaning, what are their credentials, how long have they been working, their portfolio, and what are the materials they are using on you. If a permanent makeup artist is professional and an expert at what they do, the chance of you getting any undesired effects will be minimized. You essentially pay for what you get. Often, clients come to me desperate to fix "bad work" done by another artists, and one too many times it is because clients will look for the cheapest option out there. Now, that is not to say the most expensive option is the best. Do your homework, look at the artists portfolio and talk to them, and ask questions. Below are the top microblading myths I have encountered in my career.

1) Microblading will damage existing hairs

2) Microblading is extremely painful

3) Microblading is the same as tattoo

4) Microblading will leave scars

5) Microblading doesn't look natural

Now keep in mind, these are only myths if the procedure is done correctly with the highest quality of tools.

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